Special Court denies release of Judge charged with corruption

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The Special Court has denied the release of the Kruja Judge, Enkeleda Hoxha.

Hoxha was part of a group of persons arrested for using illegal influence on public officials. She allowed prisoners to get lower sentences by paying 6000 to 12,000 EUR. The Special Prosecution Against Corruption called it a proper criminal scheme.

Judge Hoxha appealed to the Special Court for a softer measure. Her argument was that her son requires special needs from his mother. She also stated that her minor daughter has stopped going to school.

Police also arrested lawyer Aldo Tabaku, Secretary Emanuela Mallkuci, and several other persons who were involved in this criminal scheme.

After being arrested, criminals looked for lawyer Tabaku. He made it possible to connect them to Judge Hoxha. After receiving the payment, she allowed a lower prison sentence.

Audio surveillance made during the investigation also led to the arrest of a Tirana Cardiologist. He was heard asking for money from the Judge. In exchange, he would offer privileged medical treatment to her mother.

The Court ruled to release the doctor on probation but denied it to the rest of the defendants.