Deputy Health Minister, one year after first COVID-19 case: It went beyond expectations

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One year ago today Albania confirmed the first COVID-19 cases. The Deputy Health Minister, Eugena Tomini, was today’s guest on A2’s “Ditari”. Tomini underlined that Albania is now conducting a firm battle against the virus. However, more vaccination and treatment are needed to help bring the transmission to an end.

Same as the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, Tomini says that mass vaccination is the best weapon to fight the coronavirus. The main purpose remains to reach immunity among 70% of the population. The first trimester of 2021 will be decisive for ending the pandemic.

“Mass vaccination will reduce the severe cases. This is the objective that we are trying to reach, a population immunity of 70%. The first trimester of 2022 will determine the ending of this pandemic. The progress of the virus has its own ups and downs. The Albanian health system was able to conduct this war without facing a collapse, something that we saw in countries that have even more powerful health structures”, Tomini declared.

The Deputy Health Minister added that COVID-19 did not react the same as other viruses. This one raised transmission to an aggressive level. Scientists, on the other hand, don’t have a clear framework of the mother virus. More studies are needed.

As regards restrictive measures, Tomini said that they should vary depending on other indicators, such as the frequency of new cases, hospitalization, and deaths.

The Health Minister is hopeful that the tourism season will be saved this summer, as mass-vaccination remains a priority for the current government.

Tomini explained that the health professionals have not rejected vaccines, but some of those who have just recovered from COVID-19 will have to do later than others.