The role of Albanian women in business

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Doing business in Albania remains a difficult enterprise, but even more so for women.

Data from the Institute of Statistics show that only 25.4% of businesses in Albania are managed or owned by women, a figure that is much lower compared to the EU, where women manage 36%.

Irena Toci, a businesswoman who started her book publishing activity in 1993, has discovered in the 28 years of her career that despite the many difficulties, dedication and perseverance can pay off.

Today she sees the higher attendance of women in government and business as a very positive change. While the number of women in big businesses remains much lower, she says that even so, big businesses often need the hard work of both partners in a family and even if women are not the first person in charge, they are often second in charge.

On the International Day for Women, Toci appeals to all of her colleagues to join organizations that represent women so that their voices can be heard even more, and so that they can earn an even bigger role in today’s society.