Justice Reform, Appeals Court upheld ruling that found judge guilty of falsifying application

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The Special Appeals Court has upheld the court ruling which found Luan Daci, a member of the Special Appeals College, guilty of document falsification.

The Special Court left the 6-month prison sentence in effect, which was converted into 12 months of probation for the Special Court of Appeals Judge.

“This is a coup”, Daci said, reacting to the ruling, as he left the courtroom.

The Special Appeals College is waiting for the official ruling so that they can start deliberating on Daci’s future in the institution. The law states that a person sentenced for a crime cannot hold a position at the Special Appeals College, but Daci insists and promises to continue the battle at the Supreme Court.

Luan Daci was found guilty of falsifying the application request he filed in 2017 for becoming a member of the Special Appeals College, by not declaring a disciplinary measure that removed him from duty in 1997.

The Special Court ruled on December 1st, 2020, that his request was the act that guaranteed him the seat at the Special Appeals College, and as such it is considered a legal document.