Constitutional Court to review government’s electoral measures under the pandemic

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The Constitutional Court is reviewing the lawsuit filed by the Republic Party against the government law that bans political activities with more than 10 people during a pandemic. The 10-people limit is what the Republican Party wants to repeal, a government order that affected even the Court’s meeting.

A judging panel composed of seven members was forced to alternate the hearing of the members by taking them one by one into the room. The topic created a debate among Constitutional members themselves.

Marsida Xhafellari, a member of the Constitutional Court, declared that the government is not considering “a massive gathering that could put lives at risk” when it comes to government meetings with more than 10 people, when restaurants are left open or when passengers are packed inside public transportation buses.

Abaz Deda, representing the government, declared that organized meetings with more than 10 people can be allowed when social distancing measures are respected. But a political meeting on an open square would be impossible to be put under control. The leader of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu, clarified for the media that his party is not against social-distancing measures.

The Constitutional Court asked the government to provide the total number of fines that were issued to political subjects for violating the law in question for deliberation.