One year from the first COVID-19 case in Albania, 1800 deaths and 70,000 recovered

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Almost one year from the first confirmed COVID-19 case, the situation in Albania remains concerning and even more critical in the past days.

The Albanian Health Ministry declared that 20 people lost their lives to the virus in the past 24 hours, while one day ago this number was 21. Our country has had a total of 1816 deaths from COVID-19 so far.

The situation in the health institutions remains difficult, as the number of hospitalized patients has increased significantly. Based on the figures from the Ministry, 659 patients are being treated in hospitals, 43 under intensive care, 11 using ventilators.

The good news is that 70,413 persons have been recovered so far, from 70,413 of total cases. The ongoing vaccination process is also promising, as it has been initiated in several cities with 14,295 persons vaccinated in total. Another batch of 15,210 vaccines is expected to be delivered this Tuesday to Albania from the Pfizer company.