DP signs post-electoral agreement with SMI

Monika Kryemadhi Lulzim Basha 1100x620

After reaching a pre-electoral agreement with twelve of the smaller parties, the Democratic Party (DPA) leader, Lulzim Basha, signed today a post-electoral agreement with Monika Kryemadhi, leader of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI).

This agreement is signed as a token of unity between the two biggest parties of the opposition.

Every party that will attend the parliamentary elections of April 25th will register the names of their candidates one week from today.

The agreement is based on three main points: economy, EU integration, and the rule of law. The “United Opposition” commits to work together and find solutions to all these issues by respecting each other’s programs, while their level of representation in the next government will be decided proportionally, depending on the election results.

SMI leader Monika Kryemadhi declared in a press release that this agreement marks a significant day in Albania’s history, as their political parties join forces and work together on behalf of all Albanians.

“This is a historic day for the SMI and DPA. The most important thing is that we agreed on uniting our forces and working together to serve the Albanian citizens. Our partnership shows that change is coming and that our citizens can expect better days ahead of us. Many can say that the SMI grows on left-wing voters. I want to specify that the SMI and DPA are running as two entities, each with its own identity. We may have different opinions on several matters, but we aim to find consensus and work hard on behalf of all Albanians”, Kryemadhi said.

The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, declared that this agreement marks the starting of a long journey that they are taking together to bring change to Albania.

“Albania deserves a government that looks after its people rather than itself. I have already introduced our programs for every governing area. These are not empty promises, but plans that will bring positive change to the life of each of you. This is the time to get together towards victory on behalf of every Albanian citizen”, Basha declared.